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My Maskie

Sani Pod

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99.9% Rapid Sterilization in 6 Min

Spread love, not germs with this CE, ROHS and FCC Certified device. This ultra powerful UVC sterilizer is equipped with double sided lights so you get a 360 degree disinfection! Sleek and compact, this discrete device will easily fit most smartphones, keys, face coverings, jewelry, cards and other high touch personal items! This portable device is so lightweight, that you can take it with you and plug it in wherever you are. You can even use it on the fly with a power bank!

  • Powerful Wavelength 260-280 nm
  • Anti Radiation
  • LED Life of 10,000 hours
  • Rapid Disinfection
  • Contemporary Design

*Internal Size : 170*90*22 mm

*External Size : 200*118*48mm

Plug the device in using the cable included. Cable can be plugged in to a power bank or other electrical source. Open lid and insert your personal item(s). Close the lid and allow disinfection magic to happen! Charging cable is included.


18K Gold Chain
GBP 22.00