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Hi. We're Maskie.

When launching Maskie we took a less is more approach. Instead of flooding you with an overwhelming variety of mask shapes and sizes, we developed a lineup of styles that encompassed all the things important to you in one perfect cut. Breath-ability, comfort, safety, and a contoured fit. Over 100 variations later we accomplished just that! Maskie started out as a trusted name for face coverings, but it’s grown a lot since then.

Our Vision.

Maskie’s aim is simple: break through gimmicky products to deliver straightforward and convenient essentials. Our sanitization devices, UVC light gadgets and one-of-a-kind face coverings all embody a vital element of our philosophy; sustainability. We aim to manufacture products that save your money, while also saving our planet. Maskie products are all reusable and always packed light, without wastage. By merging functionality and contemporary design, we bring you products that satisfy your expectations for quality, modernity and environmental awareness.

Our Approach.

Innovation is at the core of everything we do. At Maskie we are constantly exploring new ways to solve old problems. Everything we make is inspired by your needs. Whenever we feel unsettled or unsatisfied with an industry standard of a product - our team works around the clock to find ways to create something better. Our insatiable thirst for knowledge keeps amplifying as we move along on our mission to breakthrough the jargon and deliver products we can proudly stand behind.

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