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My Maskie

Hype N°5 Violet

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We have been crushin’ on color, so we made Maskie Couture. Tailored to perfectly fit the silhouette of most shapes and sizes. Our entire Maskie Couture face mask collection is made with soft, adjustable ear loops for comfortable wear. We wanted to create something chic without compromising your need for filtered masks. That is why most of our fashion face masks come with optional filter pockets. Except the Surrealist collection which is usually sheer. Our Couture fabric specialists have hand-selected the most exclusive textiles to craft unique pieces that reflect your style. Iridescent and luminous fabrics are combined with an ultra-soft cotton, that lines the inner canvas of our face-masks. You have no need to sacrifice style for comfort. Wear Maskie Couture, because cute isn’t cancelled! 

*All Maskie Couture items are limited and handmade collections. Slight size and fit variance exists from one mask to another. 

 Hype Collection is made from luminous satin, while the inner canvas is lined with super soft cotton. This two tone colored mask includes an optional filter pocket. The soft ear loops have silicone adjusters to customize the fit of your mask. Silicone is also naturally less prone to colonize bacteria, making our adjusters ultra-hygienic! All Maskie Couture styles perfectly pair with our 18K gold chains and embellishments. Couture accessories are sold separately. 

With clean hands, take your Maskie out of the pouch and hold the mask by the ear loops or ties. Adjust to comfort while making sure to cover your nose, mouth and chin. Maskie Couture is a fashion face cover that is not a substitute for medical masks. Fit may vary slightly depending on face shape. 

Maskie Couture is made from delicate fabrics and materials. Hand wash in cold water or dry clean only. Air dry.  Avoid vigorous scrubbing to extend the life of your Maskie.


18K Gold Chain
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