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Nano Mist Sanitizing Device

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Maskie’s Nano mist device is a no mess, portable, sanitizing solution! This compact Nano sprayer is made with ultrasonic vibration technology, to create atomized particles that delicately spray surfaces without making them overly wet. This advanced delivery system uses less sanitizer for more surface area coverage than traditional sprays! Saving your product and money. It’s equipped with an easy-to-fill tank for any water-soluble, sanitizing liquid of your choosing. Voila! Our clever design positions this water tank under a sleek cover to prevent leakage. Use this handy, Nano mister to spray down personal items such as keys, phones, face masks, wallets, laptops and larger surfaces like fabrics and shoes. You may also find this portable, sanitizing device helpful in public places as you clean door handles or taps before touching them! We got you covered!

USB charger included. Box Includes 1 Device.

Open the lid, fill with your choice of liquid and put the lid back on. Twist the cap on and make sure you hear a click. This confirms full closure and will prevent leaks. Push the slider up or down to reveal mister. Keep a finger on the slider sensor to release spray. The alcohol content of the sanitization liquid you choose must be 75% or less for this device to avoid erosion. Do not overfill the device. Do not fill the device with water-insoluble liquid. Clean between fills.

  • Water Tank Capacity : 20ml
  • Power Supply : Polymer Battery 550mAh
  • Power: 1.85W

Please keep out of reach of children, this is not a toy. Empty the device before charging it. 

We recommend washing your Nano mist device between uses. Simply empty the water tank and clean it using soap and water. Do not place your Nano sprayer in the dishwasher or submerge it in water.

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